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Term and Condition

As the statement of Indonesian land authority the foreigner is not allow to have a land in Indonesia, but there are several ways that we can advice how to buy land or property in this country:

Under Nominee
The Local partner become a power of attorney and represents your ownership and he/she will receive a nominal fee for the title holder

Foreign Investment (Penanaman Modal Asing)
Under the minister of land authority & trade statement: a foreigner can make a company with 100% of ownership and those lands or property will be under company's name. We would be able to help our client to register a Foreign company (PMA) with all legal and formal adhere to the government law and regulation

There are several land or property status in Indonesia, there are:
Pipil : Land which is given to a family or community without being register in land authority office
Certificate : A land already being register by the land authority mentioning specific size and location and also ownership

There are several step need to be taken before you acquire the land or property :

1. Visit Our Office to make sure you find the best choice of price and location, our professional staff will be patient in assist you to better serve your need.

2. After you interested in specific land or property we will arrange a site inspection together with the land owner so you will have a great relationship and experienced with the Balinese. In this stage we will help you in double check the legality of those property in land authority department

3. Deposit 30% of total price agreed and we will create a letter of intent to the land owner and also scheduling the payment

4. Notary, we will visit one of the appointed notaries for the full payment and afterwards the notary will proceed to renew the Name of those land or property certificate. If using the nominee, you will sign the power of attorney in the notary and then you could collect the certificate with your name or nominee

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